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HOWEVER much you think you know about the Internet, it knows more about you. Every surfer leaves behind an electronic trail that is a handy profile of their likes, dislikes, spending habits and so on. Unsolicited e-mail and spam are the most notorious consequences of this trail. Now, in a curious turnaround, privacy groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( are backing a proposal that will make it mandatory to tell a Web site who you are, but allows you to limit the level of detail. The Open Profiling Standard is supposed to make it easier for Net surfers to control the amount of information the Net can gather about them. Hitherto, Web sites have had to grab information about you as best they can. Some demand you fill in annoying registration forms before they will let you look around. Others leave their mark on the file called cookies.txt held on your computer. Unscrupulous operators can resort to more underhand techniques to “steal” information about you. To find out the commonest tricks take a look at the Center for Democracy and Technology’s privacy demonstration page at More on these topics: