Patents : Speakers accord

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By Barry Fox IN contrast to the Digital Video Disc squabble, the two companies claiming rights on flat-panel loudspeakers have reached a civilised agreement. New Transducers (NXT) and Noise Cancellation Technologies (NCT) have reached a cross-licensing agreement so that each can freely use the other’s patents provided relevant royalties are paid. Both claim rights to loudspeakers that use freely vibrating panels rather than clamped boards. NXT licensed its technology from Britain’s Ministry of Defence. A ministry research programme into using flat panels to quieten fighter aircraft found that the panels actually made them noisier. The ministry patented the discovery and NXT bought the rights, successfully demonstrating the speakers last year (Technology, 12 October 1996, p 20). Soon afterwards, NCT claimed prior patent rights on noise-cancellation panels for automobiles (Patents, 25 January 1997, p 23). Under the deal,